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Amazon has brought out their new tablet called the kindle fire in the US. The cost of which is something to get excited about. Although not yet release in the UK (release date is scheduled for January) The planned price is £100 which will bring it in range of most peoples budgets. When compared with the high price tag of the IPAD2 of £399 (for the cheapest model) it seems very attractive.  It is also interesting to know that they are selling them for a loss. They are doing this believing that they will make their money back through the purchase of apps etc.

So is it any good? What features does it offer?

There are many features that the amazon kindle offers, below are just a few:

It has a 7” screen touch screen, which is a fair size but not when compared with the Ipad2 which is 9.7 inches. But this could be a plus as the amazon kindle would be less bulky.

The ability to stream thousands of movies and TV shows, and using amazon prime the user has access to 10,000 movies and TV shows for free.

It has a dual core processor which should give it the ability to multitask easily. Amazon say that users should be able to surf the net stream music at the same time.

Most importantly for amazon of course is the ability to access and read thousands of books in colour.

I was really excited after having heard about the release of this new tablet. I was even seriously considering buying one, at such a cheap price it would be fun to play with. But some of the reviews I have read have been very disappointing.  Among them are, that it only ships with 8GB of memory which does not provide much room for content, but one could live with this by stream movies etc. But this does not help if you want to load it up with movies for a trip when there is no or limited internet access. The video player that comes with it will only play Amazon purchased of streamed content. So to play your own content you would have to shop around for an App to play your own content.

There are also a few more things that are lacking from the fire, but I feel for the price, its doing pretty well.  At the price it’s not really fair to compare to other touch pads at much higher prices such as the IPAD2.

I would still actually like to use one. Just so I could get a feel for it, and understand what its best used for.


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