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For all those people who enjoy reading and who want to avoid going to the library, all the time, the Amazon Kindle is the gadget for you. Why carry big and heavy books when you can just download the book and read it at your own free time. No need to worry about giving the books back on time, when the download is FREE. Here is an introduction to one of the most exciting products to come around in ages for those who love to read, THE AMAZON KINDLE. So what is so great about the gadget that every reader is talking about?

Well, first and foremost, imagine finding a book that really interest you and you have to order it. You would have to wait before it comes and then read. Amazon Kindle gives you a chance to download the book/magazine/newspaper etc and read it on the day. You would be saving money and paper. This means that this gadget is environmentally friendly.

Unlike reading on a laptop or computer monitor, Amazon Kindle’s electronic paper looks just like a book should. No eye strain. No need for a backlight. No harm. The Kindle is small, light weight and portable, which means you can carry more books than usual but in fact, you can carry hundreds. When it comes to buying the books, you won’t need to find a Wi-Fi area. Amazon’s Whisper net allows you to order books from anywhere.

Alongside with this family are the Amazon Kindle touch and Kindle Fire. Let’s see if these two improved Kindle meets the same needs to the customers as original Amazon Kindle. Will this gadget prove to be a better substance to people than Iphones? With certain apps that you can download, will the Kindle continue to be popular? What else is in store for more/new technology? How will they improve this gadget to make it more popular?


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