Android 4.0-Ice Cream Sandwich

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Android 4.0 also follows this tradition by naming its new gadget ICE CREAM SANDIWICH. It is designed for both phone and tablet uses. The system was launched in partnership with Samsung, whose Galaxy Nexus handset will be the first to use it. The Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is now official. So what does this Smartphone offer?

Well, this new Smartphone comes with many changes. This Gadget comes along with landscape controls and flexible widgets. The Ice Cream Sandwich’s stock widgets are resizable and more robust than previous versions. It also includes folders to make life easy. Just dragging apps and contacts on top of each other create re-arrangeable folders. Users can stow their favorite apps, links, and folders into a new Favorites tray for quick and easy access.

What a lot of us want to know is about the internet/browser. Web pages can now also be saved offline for later checking, and users can directly request the desktop version of a site in the Android 4.0. The gadget involves the browser to the profiles of peoples contact details from sources like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc. so you would never forget birthdays or important dates. Users can define favorite contacts, and individual people can be placed on the home screen or in folders for quick access.

One of the most ambitious is Ice Cream Sandwich’s new Face Unlock feature, which allows users to unlock their handsets just by looking into the front-facing camera. Voice input seems much smarter this time around, as it’s more accurate, requires less time, and even accounts for pauses. There’s a lot to love for the camera. It features image stabilization, improved autofocus, and integration with other apps for sending photos or instant upload to Google+. Lastly who could forget built-in face detection, panorama and time lapse modes, and on-the-fly photo retouching and enhancements.

We know that Apple and Samsung are currently engaged in a number of legal battles, around the world, so how will Android 4.0 do in the world? Will this Smartphone give an extra edge to Samsung or will Apple be able to stay in-line with a new gadget? With so much to offer with the new Ice Cream Sandwich, what more can be offered by other rivals?

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