Andy Pad Pro

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Take your world with you with the new Andy pad pro. it is an enhanced version of the existing Andy Pad. This Android tablet has a 7-inch capacitive touch screen, 16GB of internal storage, and a microSD card slot for adding more memory.

Well, in design terms, the Andy Pad Pro shares many similarities with its Andy Pad. The Andy Pad Pro is 18g lighter than the standard Andy Pad and its slim design no problem makes it perfect to slip into a school bag or briefcase. Although the Andy Pad Pro model has more of an IPad look to it, with rounded corners and a substantial bezel around the screen.

The Andy Pad Pro also features a powerful Wi-Fi chip, to automatically search out available free networks and enable chats, emails and browsing possible on the go. For extra connectivity, the Pro is fitted with Bluetooth technology so you can pair with a range of devices (such as headsets and controllers).

Its top selling apps are pre installed and plenty of space for your own apps; the Andy pad is the perfect size of a reading book. It is powerful enough for all the latest 3d games and ideal for watching movies, listening to music or browsing the web.

With all the other tablets in the technology, will this keep up to the market? The features are every much similar to its original Andy pad, so will Andy Pad Pro be as popular as ipad 2?


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