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Old Tales of Apple. The day I won a QuickTake 100.

Hello youngster. I see you’ve come to hear another tale of the old days. Well, sit down, put your iPhone on silent and prop your iPad by the wall. Now, let me tell you a story I call ‘The Day I Won a QuickTake 100’. Because that’s exactly what happened.

A letter from Apple

It was the Summer of 1994 and I was just an eager young Apple fan. I guess a bit like you are now, although there were a lot less of us back then. Well, one sunny morning, a letter popped through my letterbox (no email or internet back then!) with the old six colour Apple logo on the envelope. As you can imagine, I was very excited. The letter, which I still have,told me I’d won an Apple Prize Draw I’d entered months before – and that my prize was a digital camera: the QuickTake 100! Well, even though I’d never heard of a digital camera, it still sounded very cool.

Cyclops arrives!

A few weeks later (we didn’t expect next day delivery back then!) the parcel arrived and I beheld my new Apple camera for the first time. She was a beauty, made of thick grey plastic and weighing in at a solid 1Ib – that’s 0.5kg to you. This technological marvel boasted 1MB of memory and could take 32 320×240 pixel photos or – wait for it – eight high resolution 640×480 24 bit colour photos. Wow! After that you had to plug it into your Mac via the serial cable and transfer the photos (no uploading or downloading back then!). Not only that, but the QuickTake 100 had a flash and a timer – all for only £535! I called my new baby Cyclops because of its’ single rubber viewfinder.

I am the digital revolution

Well, you can imagine the freedom! I took eight high resolution photos everywhere I went, then rushed home to transfer them via the wonders of System 7. Of course, you had a to have a Mac with 8MB of RAM and at least 10MB of hard drive space free, but that wasn’t a problem for me, I had a Mac IIci! In no time at all, I had dozens of photos saved on my hard drive. I even backed them up on to floppy, just to be safe. I guess I was at the very frontier of digital technology. Whatever that was.

And, you know, 17 years later, I still have old Cyclops. I still use her too – as a paperweight. But, mark my words youngster, grey plastic will be back. You just wait for the iPad 3.

Thank you to our Guest Blogger Michael Marks – The one man creative team.


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