Apple Vs Google

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One of the main attractions of the iPhone is the ease of use. The iPhone also offers parental control functions, VoIP, accessory support and peer-to-peer links via Bluetooth that the Android platform does not. Though some hitches may be there, the sheer number of apps provided by the App store gives the iPhone platform a huge advantage over the Android. These apps together with the hardware and the marketing hype give the iPhone platform a definite edge over the Android.

One of the biggest advantages of the Android platform is that its Open Handset Alliance has brought in some of the best vendors in mobile devices, like Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Dell and others. These partners manufacture devices of all types with diverse features and functions and offer the user a plethora of choices. The iPhone still doesn’t offer background processing for third-party applications, which makes the Android platform better for multitasking.

Though both iPhone and Android are mobile computing platforms, the approaches are different. IPhone apps cannot be sold without Apple’s approval and they cannot run in the background if other applications are running at the same time. Nothing can compete with Apple’s own apps, while Android is much more open in this respect. You can build any kind of app that you like and take advantage of any features that you want to use.

The Android platform does have some disadvantages; As the Android operating system is open source, hardware makers can use it and do almost anything they want with it. This has resulted in some chaos, with outdated versions emerging on some handsets and other similar problems. The many devices using the Android platform also translates into an inconsistent experience across the diverse smart phones.

If Android has weakness then apple also comes along with some disadvantages. There is very little customization permitted by the iOS and though they work very well within the protected space, if you wish to do something different that is not within the Apple norms, you cannot do it. If you have specific features or functions that you like, you have no alternatives. Apple devices are not very good for creating information. The operating system is not equipped for multi-tasking or for more complex work-related tasks like presentations.

With a broader selection of titles available to them, predictably Apple customers are more likely to have downloaded a game or played online, but Android users appear to be using their phones for a wide range of activities as well. Android users are more likely to engage in file-transfer activities like downloading ringtones, pictures, wallpaper and upload. Despite comparisons, the iPhone platform has a distinct edge over the Android. So who will win? Will there be a winner? Does there need to be a winner? Will others challenge the two dominant players?

Google vs Apple

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