Are Microsoft back with a bang?

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Are Microsoft back with a bang?

Microsoft recently announced it`s first ever quarterly loss of $492 million – it’s first in history but team Microsoft are in a buoyant mood.

Microsoft has been creating huge hype over its upcoming Windows 8 which is why it is the most anticipated release in a decade – to be released October 26th. The upcoming Windows 8 has beaten Apple to be the first operating system to work across smartphones, tablets and desktops.  Apple has been taking the all headlines in the past few years. But Windows 8 is cross platform meaning apps will work across the three formats seamlessly;

Windows 8 Pro is the full OS (for desktops and high end tablets).
Windows RT (Run Time) is the ARM based casual tablet OS that will use only the Metro interface (tile interface as a home screen).
Windows Phone 8 – a micro take on Windows RT.

Team MS are very confident. Since the release of Windows XP, Microsoft has not had a product that they could call ground breaking. When Microsoft released Vista in 2007 to replace XP, Apple launched the Apple Iphone which went on to become a huge success and Apple products became the ones to have. The less we talk about Vista the better.

Microsoft has learned the hard way, but they have taken drastic measures to go a step further by creating an OS that has got everyone talking. Even Ex-Apple CEO Steve Wozniak hailed it as “the convergence of art and technology” praising Microsoft for finally taking on Apple at its own game and claimed that “Steve Jobs had been reincarnated at Microsoft”.

Until now Apple has been seen as a cooler company with more reliable products and sometimes even more cost effective. But when Microsoft’s showpiece Surface tablet was revealed at a Hollywood style event in June – techies were impressed. Encased in a liquid metal body with a rear kickstand and a carry case that doubles as a keyboard . Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently exclaimed, quite emphatically, that Microsoft is now preoccupied with out-innovating the innovators, specifically calling out Apple in the process.

Ballmer acknowledged that the company had let Apple make significant strides in both hardware and software innovation, but that going forward, Microsoft will not be as forgiving.
For now, Apple are not going to be kept quite – A new Iphone is expected any time soon. The Retina MacBook Pro – which has a high-resolution screen and is significantly thinner is also due very soon. It will be interesting to see if Apple can stay ahead of the pack now that the driving engine behind its innovation, Steve Jobs, is gone. Will they be able to continue to innovate?

The year 2012 will be looked on as a watershed moment in Microsoft’s history: Windows 8 is the biggest change ever made to the world’s most popular OS and Microsoft are very hopeful. It will make or break the firm’s fortunes.

“We are trying to make absolutely clear we are not going to leave any space uncovered to Apple” said Ballmer, growing in confidence. “Not the consumer cloud, not hardware or software innovation. We are not leaving any of that to Apple by itself. Not going to happen. Not on our watch”.

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