Behold, The Surface!

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Microsoft is back and hitting hard with their latest design of a Portable Tablet.

The Surface Tablets new sleek design is a sure hit, right off the wave led by Apple’s iPad.
Aimed at Small to Large Corporate organisations. The Surface Tablet could be considered a replacement to the mundane office Laptop and rigmarole PC whilst still maintaining that cutting edge by being in tune with all the fun applications and touch screen functionality, the Surface sets itself apart from being any regular kind of tablet by far, setting a trend with its new eye capturing colour scheme

The Surface comes with Windows RT & it’s soon to be released Surface 2008 Pro, both very Similar in design although Surface 2008 attains more core features yet to be disclosed.

It also has a Superfast Processing Quad Core & a screen with great HD quality.
The main thing for me which captures my attention aside from all the useful functionality & Apps is the fold out keyboard and flip out stand along with interchangeable accessories, Clip-on keyboard etc. These are great features to the design and have added that little extra to the look and feel of the tablet. I can see why it has created such a buzz.

Here is a quick drill down of some its core Features

32GB or 64GB Storage
10.6’ Screen 1366×768 (5-Point Mutli-touch)
Quad Core NVIDIA Tegra 3
Wi-fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0
Battery 31.5 w-h
HD Camera 720p
USB Ports, MicroSDXC, HD Video Out port

I do have some reservations about the Surface and they are as follows, I think it is very expensive currently priced at £399+, which for a 10.6’ Tablet not weighing much more than 1.5ibs (without the Keyboard) it would be fair to say that this is a tad bit pricey, although this doesn’t seem to be preventing the vendors from selling the tablets out like hot cakes and not far from the day of its release too. Another thing that is a concern for me is just how robust is the Surface? I would think that with its thin frame, not very robust at all. I have read that there are a lot of applications that are actually incompatible and won’t work due to the type of Processor installed (Tegra3), apps such as Adobe Suite, Gaming Programs etc.

Despite these points, it is fair to say that overall this is perfect for Business, high level meetings or just simply for domestic use. the Surface lets you connect, collaborate, and create in style. What else do you need out of a tablet?

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