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Do You Require New BT Network Services in London in 2012?

I am writing to give you some advanced notice of an embargo being placed on street and road works in certain areas of London in the lead up and during the 2012 Olympic Games. This will have an impact on delivery of network services from BT (and other suppliers) during certain times and in certain locations.

The key message is that if you require services provided in London, there is a risk of disruption for provision from March to October 2012. To avoid this, please ensure any new orders are placed as early as possible as they must be issued with Openreach within certain timeframes.

Details of Planned Embargo
Transport for London (TFL) is placing an embargo on any planned street/road works on the London Olympic Route Network (ORN). This will affect all telecommunications providers and as a result there may also be a backlog of work lasting until at least October 2012.
These restrictions will allow the roads to be prepared for carrying the Olympic athletes, officials, family etc safely to and from the venues. Preparations include; new signage, road markings, traffic light reprogramming etc.
ORN roads are marked in red and blue on the detailed TFL which is available online from the London 2012 website: (You can see more detail by increasing the document size)

To Avoid Delivery Delays
BT Openreach must plan any jobs and apply for street access before the embargo takes place. Due to this all Ethernet Fibre orders must be processed by the end of January, including; IP, Optical Ethernet, and BTnet internet services. All services which require Ethernet delivery and other services (e.g. ISDN) where road works are necessary will be impacted. Long lead times will result from orders placed after this date and delivery timescales will be impacted. Bt are unable to guarantee lead times or give reliable indicative standard leads times for sites based in these areas from February 2012 onwards until the embargo is lifted and any backlog of orders is complete.

Embargo & order dates:
 1 March to 30 September 2012 – key parts of ORN where network will terminate on core roads, sites, venue’s and the main A501 road or require some form of construction work e.g.: digs, test roding etc. Orders must be placed by 31 January 2012
 1 July to 30 September 2012 – the rest of ORN for most streets within the North and South Circular and some areas of Greater London. Orders must be processed by 31 May 2012


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