Google Cloud Laptop

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Samsung first Google Chrome Operating system laptop. Chrome OS is a Google cloud –based Operating system. Chrome book will run over your software on the web.

The Samsung Series 5 packs with 12.1 inch widescreen, 1.66Hz Intel Atom N570 dual core processor,2 GB of ram and 16GB of storage. Google claims about 8.30 hours of continuous use f battery life support two USB slot and SD card slot.

The advantage of chrome OS is fast and will resume from a deep hibernation in just ten seconds. All the data is held in Google server, so if your laptop is stolen, broken or lost, you won’t lose any of your important information. All your software will automatically update from the apps you use.

No software, No money wasting on antivirus and everything online.

The question come in my mind it requires a good web connection, whether the signal strength in their area is good enough to cope and is it faster to access data on cloud?

Overall I think that it is very good idea but worth £400? The same price as average laptop .Are we ready to live your life in the cloud? Google Chrome OS could change the way we use laptop forever. Are you ready for the change? Who will win the cloud war? Google vs Apple vs Microsoft.


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