Google’s ARC Welder is coming to the Google Chrome browser

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Previously only on the Google Chrome OS (Operating System) since September, ARC Welder will now allow Android apps to run on your PC, Mac, or Linux through the Google Chrome browser.


Currently in early beta mode, there’s no guarantee that all – or any – of the apps that you try will work, or that they’ll be usable. There are still a number of bugs that need to be worked out, but for developers who want to create Android apps that also run in Google Chrome OS and the Google Chrome browser, it’s useful for testing.


It’ll be interesting to be able to load Android apps, not simply on Chrome OS, but on any system with the Google Chrome browser on it. Even while Macs have a fairly large app store, it’s not overly extensive, and the Windows Store app platform is rather lacking and prone to exploitation. Therefore it could prove useful to have more Android apps that also run on Chrome. Right now there aren’t very many – as it is in beta – so we’ll have to see where the app developers take this. Essentially, ARC Welder can vastly reduce the time and energy that it might take for a developer to bring an app onto something other than a mobile device. Considering the Google Play Store’s robust library, not to mention the popularity of the Chrome browser across nearly every computing platform, this kind of tool could potentially give app developers a huge leg-up in terms of spreading their wares.


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