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HTC Smartphone has many lists of names such as the Hero, Legend, Desire and now joining this group is none other than SENSATION. This name works well when the phone displays a level of quality to match the name.

The Sensation starts off with an excellent start with its fantastic features. The most obvious enhancement is an overhaul to the lock screen. It’s just a matter of pulling the ring upwards and the phone unlocks with a slick, spinning animation. The other obvious difference is the screen. The Sensation’s 4.3in diagonal with a sharper 540 x 960 resolution.

There’s little to talk about when it comes to styling. It looks very familiar to the HTC Desire but with a hint of change. The rear is dull grey and brown, only slight curves at the top and bottom mark the Sensation different to Desire.

The Sensation has a strong camera on paper: 8mp stills and 1080p video recording at 30fps, alongside options such as ISO adjustment, autofocus and self-timing. It proved itself to be a respectable performer, taking nicely detailed shots in all lighting conditions. Despite all this there’s no macro mode, so close-up pictures were a little blurry, and our test snaps looked washed out and pale. And video showed a lack of sharp detail, even at Full HD.

All told, the Sensation does its very best but can it live up its lofty name or the standard set by the competition. A well-built Android phone with plenty of power and a slick UI, but is it as good as the Samsung Galaxy S II in the vital areas?? Can Sensation beat its competitors?


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