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The world’s most advanced Laptop with dual screens and a full touch interface. It will be a brand new experience for all. It’s easy to use with a simple touch by placing your five fingers on the screens making a grab gesture and scroll effortlessly through your favourite applications and features. It has both screens are great for watching movies and can be used completely independently of each other.

The laptop has a virtual keyboard and simple to use. It gives the same experience as the traditional/old physical keyboard. Simply place both palms on the bottom screen and the virtual keyboard with a full-sized QWERTY layout, international language support and touchpad instantly appears. There is no mouse or keyboard screen act like a virtual keyboard.

ICONIA puts your social life in one place. Helps you check your updates from your social sites like Facebook and YouTube in just a single look. You can use the dual screens to check posts and updates on the bottom display and the second display for exploring and viewing more content.

The built-in Gesture Editor is a simple and instinctive way to personalize your ICONIA, letting you set customized gestures to launch specific applications, open websites, view your desktop or even lock your computer.

Overall I personally loved the idea of dual screen but still very worried about battery life.

Iconia laptop

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