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Apple has finally announced the IPHONE 4S (not IPhone 5). It may look very similar to the old IPhone 4 on the outside but in fact there are a few differences between the two apple phones (almost 200 if you read the blurb!).

First things first, the handset looks exactly the same as the previous one so there is no change to the body of the new version. It may not be any thinner but the device is a lot lighter to carry. So what are the other main differences between the two IPhones?

Well, the IPhone 4S has been given an A5 dual-core chip, which means it is twice as fast as IP4. The 5MP camera on the IPhone 4 has been bumped up to 8MP. In comparison to the other smart phones, the camera sounds like a reasonable upgrade, which brings the iPhone up to the speed with current expectations of customers and other offerings. The speed of the camera and how it is acessed and operated is also a big difference with the new phone. There is also HD video capture with 720 being upgraded to 1080p, which again is in line with most other offerings on the market. The Iphone’s storage has improved vastly as well. The IPhone 4S now offers twice as much internal storage than iPhone 4 along with improved battrey life.

Moving on to software, the biggest change is the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system is the IOS. Both phones will be able to run this latest iOS 5 (with at least 200 additions to it) except that one will have it installed out of the box, whilst the other you may or may not have to update yourself. Siri is another upgrade in the iPhone 4S.It is a new voice control system that helps users carry out tasks on the IPhone. It can translate your more human, sentence-based commands into actions. For example, it can set alarms, read and reply to your messages, find restaurants and the like. It’s not for sure that this feature is exclusive but if it is, and it works, then it will be a significant upgrade to the voice recognition software on the IPhone 4.

Overall the IPhone 4S is not a massive upgrade from the IPhone 4, more of a face lift and re boot. It has a better processor, an improved camera and more storage. The handset has had nothing done to it to make it different from the IPhone 4 in terms of looks. IOS 5 is an upgrade, of course, but this is available for IPhone 4 users as well. Lastly not forgetting Siri, the voice control system which could make  big difference. So which of these two IPhone is better for you? Will IPhone 4S be as popular as the IPhone 4? What will happen to the other smart phones especially in light of the next generation Google phone? How will they be upgraded to keep up with IPhone 4S?


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