Is the desktop PC for business going the way of the dodo?

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Since 2009, mobile devices have been outselling desktop pcs. Being chained to a desk by a computer wire is now considered an outmoded image, with a mobile and active workstyle actively encouraged by more and more employers. Being overly reliant to a desk is also no longer imperative, as your work and data should already follow you wirelessly on the cloud, so this negates the need to even be in the proximity of your office or desktop PC. Think about it, the de-facto PC experience for a lot of us is staring at a screen, immobile, sitting in front of a computer, typing away at a keyboard, and navigating a cursor with a mouse or trackpad. It’s limiting. Going forward, your personal computing experience will not be dominated by the PC.


These days, the processing power of your average laptop is more than capable of handling the majority of your day-to-day business functions, and it has the advantage over desktop PCs as nobody’s going to haul one of them across town and set up shop at a coffee shop. Laptops and tablets offer the ability to work “on the go”, and people are becoming much more interested in doing this, what with smart phones making us contactable and ready for work 24/7, (for good or bad).Beyond mobility, the next generation of devices will expand our personal computing options beyond what we’re currently familiar with changing the way that we interact with and think about technology.


What’s more, Microsoft has long been a leading light in the world of personal computing, and now even they are focussing much more intently on the tablet market. The death knell from them probably came with the advent of Windows 8, enraging the die-hard PC users, whilst making life easier for the growing tablet market. Windows 10 seems like it will appease the PC masses, but even in a best-case scenario where Microsoft delivers the finest desktop OS to ever grace humankind, there’s no getting around the fact that the desktop PC itself is on its way out.


I’m not saying that the desktop PC doesn’t serve a purpose, they’re not going to be relegated to oblivion, but those that do survive will probably be those highly specific PCs tailored to fit a specific person or business. Even then, for practical purposes these bits of kit will no doubt also require a tablet or laptop so that the information within these PCs can be presented in a reasonable fashion. Especially for business, for exhibitions, or those obligatory coffee shop meetings, practicality will always win over.

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