Macbook Pro with Retina Display

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The brand new Macbook Pro Retina Display is the latest revelation to be released by Apple.

It is the thinnest, lightest and fastest Macbook Pro to be released.It boasts a resolution of 2880×1800, which gives the sharpest picture quality on any notebook in the market.

Some critics are suggesting that the new Retina display is too good for current internet websites, making what was once a crisp and sharp homage, look blurred.

However this will inevitably change when the rest of the world catches up with Apple’s futuristic technology.

It packs up to 5 times more pixels than on the old Macbook Pro it also has the new technology from Intel ivy bridge processor, which improves performance and graphics.

It comes with a minimum of 8GB of ram upgradable to 16GB, flash hardrives and an HD camera in the screen. It also boasts a free upgrade for the new Mountain Lion, which is to be released towards the end of July.But the memory upgrade is from time of purchase as the modules are soldered to the board. (see picture below)

With all these positives there are also some draw backs, like the lack of a CD drive that now costs £65 as an extra that connects to your Ethernet port (you have to buy the thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter also, for £25 extra).

The battery life hasn’t got any better either, still just 7 hours battery life. To get upgrades to the base models is also very expensive, with a starting price of £1800 for the base model i7 2.3 GHz or £2299 for the 2.6 GHZ model.

Is it really worth the money for a laptop that doesn’t have a CD drive and an Ethernet port. As a Mac enthusiast I feel that it is worth every penny but i wont be ordering it online as estimated delivery is 3-4 weeks I will be purchasing one as soon as it’s out in the shops!

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