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Microsoft Office 365 is this the way forward?

There has been a lot of talk about office 365 from Microsoft.

So I thought I would sign up for a trial and give it a go.

The first screen you see after you enter the trial details is the Admin page.
Here you setup the users, passwords and Email settings and SharePoint document settings.

first page after trial


To save time I went straight in to use the system with the admin user it already created as part of the trial signup. One thing to note on this is that the screen you see is the Admin user screen and it is not obvious to see where the documents or email access are.
Here is a picture of a user account I setup to show the view a standard user will see.




The first thing I did was to upload a word document.
This was easy and straight forward.

Now onto editing it.

I tried both options and both are quick and easy to use. But if your editing a word template then you should opt for using word on your pc as I found the formatting can get messed up with the online editing.

Next onto email.

Not much to say here apart from that its outlook web access and it uses Exchange as the mail server. All the usual features of outlook connected to Exchange are available.
Other document types can be uploaded and opened but they are downloaded to your machine to be viewed i.e pictures and PDFs. When I tried this there was a slight delay as it downloaded a copy to my PC first and then opened it.

The main use of the SharePoint site is for Microsoft Office documents to be created and edited i.e Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

From my brief use of Office365 I found it great for uploading files editing them and then sharing them with others.There are many other settings to and option for file access and for the look and feel of the sharepoint side of things that I havent even looked at here.
For small businesses not wanting to spend out on a new server this would be ideal and cost effective.

For more information and pricing please give us a call 0845 355 1155

Office365 Weboutlook  first page after trial User Teamsite

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