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That 802.11n router not keeping up with the gigabit pipe to your homestead?

The upcoming 802.11ac wireless standard is the world’s fastest WiFi, providing gigabit WiFi speeds allowing for web content to download faster, and large video or music files to synch more quickly. The increased speed of 802.11ac technology is ideal for mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, by providing three times the performance for a similar amount of battery consumption of devices utilizing the current 802.11n WiFi standard.


Netgear has launched devices with that sweet, sweet 802.11ac data flow. Joining its recently announced R6300 router, is the R6200 model, which supports a combined WiFi speed of 1200 Mbps, has a USB port for networking devices, and of course also rides the a, b, g and n waves too — if you don’t have any 802.11ac kit just yet. Well, as it happens, Netgear thought of that, and has also announced the A6200 dual band USB WiFi adapter to, literally, bring your existing kit up to speed.


Also Buffalo has launched AirStation router and a matching bridge. Either can hit the eye-watering 1.3Gbps peak speed of the standard if you get cozy on the 5GHz band — and if you have a computer or mobile device that recognizes the spec, for that matter. The duo still has a more leisurely paced 2.4GHz, 450Mbps WiFi option as well as a quartet of Ethernet jacks if you prefer your gigabit speeds the old-fashioned way.

All these devices should be available from June and the prices will be from £180. If you interested in upgrading your home or office please give us a call.

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