No IP5 – Epic Fail?

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Apple held a Keynote announcement last night and was the first major announcement for new boss Tim Cook who took over from Steve Jobs in August.

Here’s the Skinny –

The iPhone 4S, which will go on sale on 14 October, will be available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models – in both black and white.

It has the same look and feel as the existing iPhone 4, which was launched 15 months ago.

Apple said that updates to iOS meant the phone would boast some “200 new features”.

The most significant were –

Built in Voice Assistant – Siri only on IP4s
8 Megapixel Camera with Face detection
Improved 1080p video recording with video stabilization
Same Retina display
Improved antenna reception
Improved battery life

Is this enough? Even for the most hardened ‘Fan boys’ there was widespread disappointment,Shares in Apple fell by almost 5% within minutes of the eagerly anticipated launch, However, but later regained most of their losses to close down just 0.6%.

When Apple launched the Iphone 3, the 3g and the 3gs all within a year of each other at the time this was acceptable as they were controlling the pace of mobile phone technology. However since competitors such as Android are churning out handsets and new versions of their OS at a colossal rate I cant help but think that this ‘upgrade’ is not enough.

With the added departure of Steve Jobs earlier this year Apple really needed to show the world that they could still innovate and push forward, but I really don’t think a ‘face lift’ is going to cut it with the IP4s especially with a new Google Nexus phone (with a new Android OS) on the horizon – some are saying this will blow the Iphone out of the water.

What was interesting to watch last night was the wave of negative blogs, tweets and updates from tech insiders, resellers and enthusiasts as everyone expected an announcement of a new form factor Iphone 5.

Blogs and reports all entitled ‘Keynote Iphone 5 announcement’ were all renamed to ‘Iphone 4s announcements’ seconds after the realisation kicked in that there was not going to be an IP5 so it is understandable why there was mass disappointment last night.

Speaking with an industry blogger today he told me “Apple can’t keep up with one phone when android, blackberry, and others pump out phones constantly. However It seems that more often than not, Android users profess their “superiority” over iPhone users because using Android OS somehow makes you more technically savvy. If you like to root your phone, change your icons, or flash a new ROM, good for you.  I like to make phone calls, check my email, shop iTunes, surf the Internet, and use apps.  Android doesn’t provide me with the same ecosystem and usability that iOS does. But to each his own”

As the world wakes up today, hung-over from the news of the night before will the day be filled with a ‘did I really say that flashbacks’ from Apple insiders? Or will they even care?

Lets face it they will still sell the new(ish) handset by the bucket load and probably release an IP5 and a Ipad3 next year which we will still all buy!

Watch out for our Video Review of the Iphone4s on the 14th October.

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