Oculus Rift to be released in Q1 2016, but competitors may be quick to steal the limelight

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The future of virtual reality hardware is becoming more exciting each day!

Remember when we wrote about the Rift? It’s here, here, and you can watch our video about it here. Well now it’s been announced that The Oculus Rift will be released in the first quarter of 2016.As well-known and anticipated as the Oculus Rift is, this release date could potentially see two other virtual reality headsets on the market before the Rift. The Sony PlayStation’s Morpheus headset is being touted for release in the first half of 2016, but HTC have promised that their Vive will be available to the public before the end of 2015.

Less hyped than the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive has the potential to be a real competitor in the gaming market. Produced by both HTC and Valve – huge players in the gaming world – it comes with a couple of SteamVR base stations that tell the Vive headset where you are via laser position sensors, thus tracking your physical location as you walk about the room. The whole thing only works in a space up to 15 x 15 feet, so you’d encounter that aforementioned gridded wall if you hit the edge. Effectively you can use this safely within your house, walking around within the game, as the Vive maps out the room that you’re in. The game still knows that you have physical boundaries and limitations and as soon as you get too close to an obstacle such as a wall or a chair there’s an automatic system that will begin to fade in the images of the real world into the game, so you’ll always be aware of where you are.

The Vive’s headset is set to be wireless, allowing for increased mobility, and initial reports are very positive, with many saying that gaming-wise the Vive beats the Rift. Nevertheless, time will tell who the VR victor will be in the coming years, and it seems to us that different VR products may eventually focus singularly on more specialist markets, such as medical, military, therapeutic, and gaming etc.

So once again, Storm-IT bring you a glimpse of the future, and we’re just as excited as ever!

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