A carefully planned IT audit

A carefully planned IT audit highlights inefficiencies that could be wasting the time it takes to complete business processes, therefore costing your organisation financially.

Our IT Audit includes mapping of your entire network to identify where your systems are failing in their purpose or creating costly bottlenecks. We test over 100 system competencies to provide detailed analysis of your IT Infrastructure.

New networks?

Careful planning is required when setting up new corporate networks. Storm IT will work closely with you to determine your initial requirements, design your network before installing all cabling, PCs, switches and routers.

Our networks are robust, future-proof and require minimal, labour-intensive and costly support.

As part of our service, we’ll configure your business email, minimising spam and missing emails, and establish secure network connections.

Growing the business?

Storm IT’s technical and networking experience is as scalable as you are, allowing you to reconfigure and deploy new areas of your network as your business grows.

All our networks are designed and built with flexibility in mind, providing you with a strong and fluid IT system that develops over time to keep pace with the demands your business places on it.

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