Sliden’ Joy – Multiple screens for your laptop

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We recently wrote about the changing nature of working using computers, and now here comes Sliden’Joy to further attempt to hammer that nail home into the coffin of the desktop pc.

A Belgian start-up is seeking funding through Kickstarter for Sliden’Joy, a device that can add one or two 13”, 15” or 17” full HD, thin and lightweight screens to your laptop even when you’re on the go. They quickly reached their goal of €300K and are on their way to securing close to €600K before it wraps up on Sunday the 9th of August. Thankfully they’re not promising impossible features now that they’ve exceed their initial funding goals, but are being frank and honest with what they can do at this moment in time.

So what does the Sliden’Joy do? Do you love flat panels? Because this has flat panels… The device attaches to the back of your laptop via adhesive magnets and you can choose from one or two HD screens that slide out from the device. The displays – which work for both Mac and PC – can rotate freely by up to 180 degrees thanks to aluminium hinges, doubling or tripling the virtual real estate for work, business meetings, media editing, or more immersive gaming. There’s only so much that we can say at this time due to the fact that the Sliden’Joy has yet to go into production, but there are already plans to include touchscreens as well as compatibility with other platforms.

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