The Apple Watch, a quick review

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The latest tech from Apple is out on the 24th of April, and is the much-hyped Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch will come in three different editions with a wide range of prices, in the ‘Apple Watch Sport’, ‘Apple Watch’, and ‘Apple Watch Edition’.


  1. The 38mm ‘Apple Watch Sport’ will be available from £299, while the larger 42mm model will cost £339.
  2. The ‘Watch’ edition will be available from £479, going up to £949 depending on the case and band combination.
  3. The ‘Watch Edition’, which is crafted from custom rose or yellow 18-carat gold, will be available from £8,000, rising to £13,500 for the most expensive version.

So what can one expect from these devices at those prices?

Well, the standard smartwatch formula is kept to: it stays connected with your phone so as to get information, receive notifications like texts and emails, and to patch through and make and receive phone calls, as well as being able to access various apps through it as well. In layman’s terms, it’s an extension to your smartphone that you can wear.

While the Apple Watch is looking set to become a fairly cool gadget to show off, is it really functional enough to justify its existence? The battery life is a mere 18 hours, meaning that you’ll need to recharge it daily, and that’s without actually using the device to do anything other than wear it. To use apps, play music, or make a call, this will all drain the battery faster. In order to preserve battery life the watch will not have an always-on display, and so for people who are used to wearing a traditional watch, wearing something on your wrist that does not display the time permanently could feel rather pointless.

However, Apple’s incursion into the smartwatch market could be a force for good. The fact that Apple’s put so much thought into additional functionality such as sharing pictures and taps instantly, or eventually with mobile payments coming straight from the wrist gives Apple an advantage with the greater populace when it comes to emotional resonance. For these reasons, the Apple Watch may well be the device that brings the smartwatch to the masses and kick-starts some positive competition in the market of wearable tech.


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