Time to Pee?

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Did you know one of the most popular places that a man takes his smart phone is in to the gents toilets.

Time to send that tweet / update their  status or a chill out for a couple of minutes away from everything  to play that favourite game.

Because of this you will notice more and more cubicles being used and more and more urinals remain vacant.

Well all this is going to change with the latest Urinal Technology from Captive Media who saw a huge opportunity in getting the man back to using that boring urinal.

So going  for a pee has changed in to what could be the most exciting gaming minute.

Captive Media have already had this gaming system patented in the UK and believe it or not this all works through the direction of the pee stream on the urinal.

When the urinal is not in use it serves as an advertising space but as soon as someone approaches to do a pee a sensor detects this and flips its 12inch screen to its gaming mode.

As you may have guessed there has been a large amount of interest for these urinals from bars, pubs and  retail outlets across the country and overseas.

This idea was of 2 Cambridge engineering graduates who founded Captive Media.

There are a few games currently for these urinals “On the Piste”, “Clever Dick” and Hosepipe Hero, If any one would like to experience Urinal Gaming you can try these out at
The Exhibit bar in South London.

I am now wondering what is out there for woman….. Food for thought!!!!!

pee time

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