Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

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Do you want to be able to browse the web freely without the fear of being struck down by a Virus which would render your computer useless?

So what’s the answer go and spend £1500 on a Mac? Perhaps not, recent releases of Ubuntu have become increasingly user friendly and isn’t anywhere near as daunting as it used to be especially when used for web browsing and listening to music or watching films and lets face it that all most people use their computers for.

If you have an old laptop which is straining under the weight of an increasingly bloated windows operating system switching to a much lighter OS could speed things up significantly. Ubuntu is of course freely available for download from the web which can then be burn to CD and booted even allowing you to evaluate the OS before committing to a full install.

Ubuntu comes straight from the CD including my web browser of choice (firefox)and includes full support for flash and java also included is the libre Office package which includes a number of applications similar to MS office and certainly provides a level of functionality adequate for most peoples needs.

Ubuntu is of course (if you didn’t already know) a Linux based operating system which is renowned of its stability and as Ubuntu has grown in popularity driver support has also improved meaning the possibility of completing your install and finding that all feature of your computer are instantly fully operational are on the up. However there is the possibility of needing to acquire some 3rd party drivers but it’s nice to be able to test this by booting the OS from the CD before making the commitment.

The Ubuntu software centre allows you to search through a wide range of free software which of course includes many popular applications such as Skype and Spotify there are also many other popular software vendors which have release beta versions of their products allowing you to access their services from within the OS.

In conclusion if you have some basic IT knowledge and are in need of a cheap hassle free solution to access web and media content then this could be worth a try. An application which springs to mind is if you have a PC in your home used by many people (your kids for example) to access their email and social media sites which is plagued by virus’s as they tend to be in this situation then this could well save you a lot of time and money.


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