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New zombie MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) Game

The WarZ was just released on the 15th of October for alpha testing. The game is not available in stores yet though you can buy it online on the website, http://thewarz.com/. There are 300 and more methods in which you can buy the game, the simplest way they offer is by PayPal or by credit/debit card. At this current moment The WarZ only have around 100 sever for you to access with a max of 40 available spaces per sever. They also have a feature to allow you to make a group with friends and join a server and spawn together rather than spending hours running across the map but this feature isn’t available yet.

On The WarZ website they offer you three different packages to the game with an awesome looking forums badge for each package. Survivor which doesn’t allow you access to the game until the 31st of October and cost $29.99 (£18.56) but is currently on offer and cost $19.49(£12.06). The second package is called Pioneer, which you are able to play on the 15th of October along with the alpha release; this package will cost $49.99(£30.94) but is currently on offer as well for $29.99. Along with this package you receive $15(£9.28) worth of in game money as part of the bonus, one month of ‘stronghold’ map sever hosting for you and your friend to play on but you can also allow other players to connect to your sever, you also acquire three guest keys that allow an access pass to the game for two days so that you could play with friends if they are unsure whether they want to buy the game or not. The last package is called legend, it will cost $69.99(£43.32) but like the other two packages it is also on offer at a price of $49.99 all of these offers will last until the 20th of October. This last package allow the buyer to have $30(£18.57) worth of in game money and give you 6 months of ‘stronghold’ map sever hosting, along with that they give you six guest keys instead of three keys.

With the alpha released version there is only one map you are able to play, Colorado and is said to be 70 square miles of a forest like environment with abandoned towns and roads throughout the map. Though Hammerpoint Interactive are currently devolving another map which will be similar to California (specifically, LA and San Francisco) which huge buildings and cities, this map will be twice as big as Colorado, Hammerpoint are really giving you the chance to explore. Colorado don’t have any drivable vehicles in the map which requires players to walk around everywhere which can be a pain for players since the map is quite big and there is a stamina limit but vehicles are in development and are still being worked on. These vehicles will allow players to transport themselves across the map though nothing has been released regarding fuel and which type of vehicles will be available , it development should be finished by the end of this year.

This game allows you to make five survivors (character slots) with eight different types of humans to choose from, some of those humans must be unlocked with in-game experience points. Only a few of the humans allow customisation to change there appearance like facial expressions, clothes that they are wearing in order to make them look better. Zombies will be crawling thought out the map they will be both male and female, while your travelling around you will need to fight of a few, in order to defeat a zombie it will require a headshot or a powerful few blows to the head damaging the head. There is only one type of zombie released and it cannot climb ladders or open doors though they can run quite fast. To assure your safety you’ll need to climb high grounds, whether that’s jumping on top of a car or running up a mountain.

One of my favourite features The WarZ have added to the game is where there will be a meter that will show if zombies can see and hear you, if you moving around a lot the hearing meter will rise, if your in the middle of a city in plain sight then your sight meter will rise. At this moment there are 4 different ways you can communicate to other players, all text-based. These include global chat, proximity chat, friends chat and clan chat. Hammerpoint also said ways like VoIP will be added more to its release, I’m unsure how that will work but I hope for a meter system where you have to be close to a player.

As for the content, things like vehicles and maps will come free of charge to those players who bought that game at around $30(£18.57) and over. Every item can be found in game though there is a shop at the start menu before you chose a server in which you can purchase items like hats and ammo, though the advance type of guns won’t be sold. I personally think that a shop would bad idea since it would be people randomly spawning with items they didn’t find around the map and as soon as you die you have lost the item so that’s a few pounds down the drain. A better way of developing this system would to put an NPC (Man/Woman) that you are able to buy all those things from that NPC, clearly it would be hard to find him since you don’t want players to constantly be buying stuff. The NPC could be moving location each time or maybe be in the centre of loads of zombies trapped inside a building so that it would be hard to reach him, I myself would find that more entertaining rather than going to a shop menu out of the game and sending real money of the good items.

Written by Jacob Carmel

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