Windows 8 (update)

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With Microsoft aiming to release a new operating system every three years we could all be due for an upgrade, Microsoft has released a Beta version of Windows 8 with a few interesting alterations over its younger brother Windows 7.

These include a new user interface which more closely resembles the interface of windows 7 mobile.
This new interface will certainly allow for considerably better utilisation of a touch screen interface when used on a PC and with support for ARM devices promised by Microsoft we should start to see Windows 8 introduced into the tablet market.

This completely new style of “start menu” is displayed across the whole screen and can be customized with “tiles” which display information such as RSS feeds, weather forecasts, your emails and shortcuts to programs.

The new interface can be minimised which seems to basically give you back your familiar windows 7 user interface, so what other noticeable changes have they made?

There is now better support for multiple monitors allowing a single desktop image to be displayed across a number of screens. You can also have a separate taskbar on each screen displaying different applications along each.

There is also considerably better support for touch screens with support for multi-touch Internet Explorer 10 which allows a user to zoom, rotate and scroll much more effectively than was previously possible.

Skydrive is an integral component of windows 8 making it easy to store data for cloud based apps allowing easy access of your files from anywhere with access of the internet.

Built in AntiVirus software will ship with all versions of windows 8.

There is a lot of talk about windows 8 release which makes use of 128bit architecture which will allow up to 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,45 6 bytes of memory to be address but somehow I think it will be quite a while before resources of this magnitude are required for anyone’s home computing needs.

Windows 7 64bit ultimate will currently support 192GB of ram but this is a limitation of the windows OS and not 64bit architecture.

So will Windows 8 be a popular choice of operating system?

I would hope that Microsoft continues on their current form and Windows 8 proves to be a stable and secure platform. Although I don’t think businesses will be rushing to upgrade all of their systems to windows 8 as Windows 7 was so late to establish itself in this environment due to scepticism created by the failure of Windows Vista.


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