Windows 8

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The windows 8 offers the interactive tiles which make the Windows 8 Start Screen infinitely more useful than the iPad’s home screen, which is little more than an app directory.

The start screen is the main component to the PC and gateway to all the apps.Instead of icons in desktop here we have apps to replace an icon which is quite a good idea. Will it work?

Window 8 has 5 “charms” which has window features: search, share, start, devices and settings. If you ever need anything for the PC just choose search charm.

Window 8 also has interesting features like picture password to unlock your pc from the lock screen all you have to do is choose a photo and 3 point of gesture on the photo that will unlock the pc instead of having to remember the password and typing it.

Brendon Leblanc works with Microsoft quotes “Applications that ran on Windows 7 will run just fine on Windows 8. It installed flawlessly and once it was finished installing, it appeared on my Start screen just like any Metro style app would. I tapped on it and it fired up in Windows desktop just as it would in Windows 7. You still have your Windows desktop in Windows 8. It just behaves like an app on the Start screen.”

Overall I think that Microsoft finally has a good thing going on with Window 7, but unfortunately Window 8 is going to be a huge step back. Window 8 will be more efficient built for the tablet rather than OS desktop or laptop. As far as I know Window 7 is definitely one of the best operating system but I don’t think that Window 8 will be a bigger success then window 7.The Metro User Interface is impressive but not innovative people will like it first time then it will go out of fashion, I think that I will wait for window 9 to come and stick with window 7 till then, but I liked the new features but it doesn’t suit my type of work. So which one are you likely to prefer Apple OS, or Microsoft Window 8? Would you be better off sticking with Window 7?

Window 8 start up screen

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