This document describes how we handle and manage your data to protect its security and your privacy.


Who we are
STORM IT LIMITED (“we”, “us”, “our”) is a limited company registered in England and Wales (registration number 04698244) Churchill House Suite 301, 120 Bunns Lane, London. NW7 2AS.

We operate a number of services and this privacy policy covers how we will use, collect and process any data provided to us.

How we process your data
Throughout your interactions with us we will collect only the data that we require in order to provide you with the service that you are requesting. The key information that we process is shown below for your information:

IP Addresses
When you access any of our services we will store a record of your IP address along with details of your request in our logs. This information is stored and used by our system team to ensure the integrity of our services. Retention: This information is stored in rotating logs, which are kept for a minimum of 6 months.

Authorisation and session data
Whenever you login to one of our services we will use cookies that will identify your session to our services. This is necessary to provide our service to you.

In addition to these cookies, we also store IP addresses an user agents with your session. This allows us to look for anomalies in its use to help us protect your account and our systems.

This data is stored until such time as the associated user account is deleted.

Your name
When you sign up, we need to know your first and last name so that you can be identified. We will use your name to address you and it may be stored in various systems that you use (for example: our helpdesk). This is necessary to provide our service to you
Your name will be retained until your user account is deleted. In some cases, your name may be kept with your billing records where we have a legal obligation to store this information.

Email addresses
We will store your email address for the purposes of managing your account with us. This will be used for transactional emails that relate directly to your account or services. This information is required in order to ensure you are informed about your account and can take appropriate actions in various situations.

We may also use your email address to send you messages about our services which may include notifications about newly launched features, improvements to the service, upcoming maintenance as well as ways to help you make the most of your service. If you would rather not receive these messages, please let us know or click the unsubscribe link in these emails.

We will not send you any other marketing messages unless you have agreed to receive when you do this, you will be consenting with us to use your email address for this purpose.

You may withdraw this consent at any time by unsubscribing from the messages or contacting us.

If you are using a service that allows multiple users to have access to the same account, your email address may be shared with the other users on this account.

Your email address will be kept until such time as all accounts associated with it are deleted from our systems.

Outgoing emails
If we send you transactional emails, these will be passed through our mail service providers servers. This is necessary to provide our service to you. The information stored includes the contents of the message sent, the email addresses of the recipients and any other headers.

Incoming emails
If you send us emails, these may be passed through our mail service providers mail servers. If some cases, these messages will be consumed by one of our services or applications, for example, tickets sent to  are necessary to provide our service to you.

We never store your own passwords on our services in plain text. Passwords are hashed using an industry standard hashing algorithm. Use a unique password with our services that is not shared with any others.

Company name and your postal address
We require your postal address in order to provide you with an invoice for your services. This information is collected as a legal obligation and will be stored on our systems along with invoices for a minimum period of 7 years.

Payment cards
We do not store full payment card details on our own servers. We work with external PCI-compliant payment processors who store these details.
We store the last 4 digits of your card and the card type on our systems so that you can identify which card will be used for future payments.
We also store the country that the card was registered in and the IP address country that the card was added from as a legal obligation to ensure that the correct VAT rate is charged for your payments.

We will instruct our payment processors to delete any stored card details when you cancel your account.

Any data added by you and stored in your accounts
When you use our services, you might upload or generate personal information relating to your own customers and users. You will remain the data controller for all such data that is stored within our systems and are responsible for ensuring you have an appropriate lawful basis and notices in place to allow us to store this data on your behalf.

If you use an STORM IT service which allows you to upload, store or process any personal data, you are responsible for ensuring that you are compliant with appropriate laws and regulations (for example the General Data Protection Regulation) for this data.

We do not recommend customers store any personal data in areas of our systems that are not designed for the purposes of storing this information.
Data stored in the services you have with us will be kept until such time as you delete the data yourselves or you cancel your account. Upon cancellation of an account, we may keep the data for up to 7 days at which point it will be purged from our databases.

We use Google Analytics to help us track the details of visitors browsing our public websites. We do not send any personal data to Google’s services through Google Analytics and we configure our tracking codes to anonymise any IP addresses.

Support by email
If you contact us by email or through one of our websites, you will be sharing your contact details (email address and/or phone number) with us for the purposes of responding to your query. This is necessary to provide our service to you. Retention: We retain all support requests (including name and contact details) that we receive for the purposes of auditing and training of staff.

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