Disaster Recovery

Many organisations lack a comprehensive disaster recovery plan or the resources to deliver it, often because perceptions of “infrastructure” are limited to physical boxes. However, when key people are unavailable, this creates a single point of failure, leaving the business vulnerable to unplanned downtime.

More About Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Services (DRS) from Storm IT delivers the complete set of people, processes and tools to ensure comprehensive, compliant and effective testing and recovery to meet your stated recovery time/recovery point objectives.

Storm IT tailor a DRS programme to the specific demands of your business and applications. We assume full accountability for your data recovery programme and overall disaster recovery management. Our infrastructure capability extends beyond hardware to the expertise, processes and documentation required to manage recovery scripts and record changes, ensuring that in the event of disruption, your recovery can be invoked by any member of our technical personnel. As a result, you’ll be able to perform recoveries with a smaller number of staff, eliminate single points of failure, reduce costs and improve recovery times.

Why use Storm IT for your DRS?

  • Dedicated technical Service Delivery Manager to co-ordinate the entire recovery lifecycle
  • Disaster recovery procedure development, documentation and execution
  • Recovery management at the time of test and disaster
  • Post-test reporting and on-going status reporting
  • Disaster recovery schedule maintenance and updates

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